Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge

Ampera bridge is one of famous bridge in Indonesia. It is located in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. It is used to connecting between seberang ulu and seberang ilir which separated by musi river.  

Total length : 224 m

Width  : 22 m

Ampera bridge was started to build in 1962 and finished in 1965. initially the bridge was named Bung Karno bridge. Bung Karno was a presiden of Indonesia who fight for the will of the people to build the bridge. And at that time ampera bridge was the longest bridge in south east asia. In 1966 when political upheaval was happen in indonesia, Soekarno began to be hated for his policies were not good for Indonesian. Because of that the name of bridge was canged become Ampera bridge. Ampera was an abbreviation of the “AManat PEnderitaan Rakyat”.

In the begining, the center side of ampera bridge can be lifted 10 meter when big ship want to passing the bridge and would take 30 minute. since 1970, The official reason for this was that the 30 minutes needed to raise the bridge was causing unacceptable delays, and that in any case silting of the river had made it impassable for large ships. However, according to architect Wiratman, who acted as a consultant before the construction, the design of the bridge was flawed from the outset because of the soft mud on which it was built. He maintains that his concerns were ignored for political reasons, and that as the towers’ foundations shifted, the bridge deformed to the extent that it could no longer be opened. The ballast weights needed to balance the wight of the bridge were removed in 1990 to prevent possible accidents were they to fall.

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